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Badass Yoga

We get SORE from our Crossfit and Strength Training sessions or classes. This is what calls for Badass Yoga. We focus on stretching and relaxing super tight muscles that were strengthened and awakened by hardcore workouts. And we listen to hardcore music to keep us motivated. This is not your “typical” yoga.


Classes like you've never seen before!!

Healthy BadAss Company

In the Winter of 2017-2018 we had these super fun classes! Not offered at this time.

If you’d like to hire Healthy Badass Company as an Independent Contractor or Private instructor please email

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Bootcamp & Beer Classes!

Over the Fall in 2017 we had Detox and Retox Bootcamp & Beer Classes! It was a Hit! Sometimes we just want a beer after our workout and here…..we did!


We had a lot of mothers, daughters, women and men come and try it out! With fun music, body painting, client participation and a great workout everyone loves these Blacklight Yoga Parties!