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Eat. Train. Love.

Here’s what to expect with me:

  • How to be Make and Crush Goals

  • Yoga

  • Nutrition Training

  • Strength Training

  • How to Stop Being Negative and Miserable and be Happy and Positive

  • Meal Prepping/Planning

  • Life Organizing

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Progressive Programs

  • Finding Out What You Are Capable Of

  • What Ingredients Are Healthy and What Isn't

  • Confidence Building

  • How to have good relationships

  • A Coach Who Will Never Give Up on You; Especially When You Give Up on Yourself

  • A New Friend

  • SO much more!

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What Qualifies Me to Be A Coach?

Well, other than the fact that I am a natural born leader, a Kind-Hearted Hard-Ass who will call you out on your bullshit, understanding, empathetic and a professional of getting around life’s curve balls/obstacles.....AND other than my "Nothing is Impossible and I won't quit until I accomplish it" attitude; I have spent countless hours and dollars on certifications.

I knew that I wouldn't hire anyone without these qualifications so how could I expect anyone to hire me without them? I have a 200hr Yoga Certificate from Three Sisters Yoga, Personal Trainer Certification from NPTA, a Group Fitness and Kettlebell Certification from NPTA, a CPR/AED card, a Nutrition Certification from NAFC and an AA Degree from Skagit Valley College focused on Health and Wellness. I started at Chemeketa Community College with a focus on Nutrition, Health, Fitness and Psychology and finished at SVC. I was a bartender for 13 years and a mother for 8 which has taught me patience, how to read people, how to empathize with them and how to motivate them. ALL different types of personalities and ages. It has also helped give me the ability to call you out on your shit and follow up with you and keep you in line when procrastination and denial sets in.

I work hard and play hard.  I respect others, myself and the planet we all live on. I created this Company and am proud of my passion to help others succeed as well as my Integrity.                  

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Love and Happiness!

Alexandra Moffett SR.